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Portzilla is a network-level reverse proxy for moving traffic around your domain without the hassle. [Location Proxy] ⟶ 172.132.921:8787 [Port Proxy] ⟶ [301 Redirect]

Compatible with any backend.


A powerful reverse proxy to send incoming traffic to multiple services on your domain

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Seamlessly move HTTP traffic from one place to another in a feature-rich, easy to use interface

Unlimited ConfigurationsWant to proxy multiple locations on the same domain? Configure as many as you need.
Intuitive UISet up Portzilla in a few minutes with our easy to use user interface
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Custom request headersAppend any number of custom request headers to proxied requests
Custom error pagesSet up custom error pages for services that aren't responding or use our default error page
Single Page App ModeUsing a modern Javascript frontend like React or VueJS? Proxy it with Portzilla in a few clicks
Proxy anywhereProxy to a service running on another port on your domain or to another location on the internet.
Proxy any wayPortzilla proxies from any subdomain or subpath on your domain


Discover how Portzilla seamlessly moves traffic around your domain in these byte-sized lessons


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Browse our resources for documentation, tutorials and more about Portzilla.

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